and i need yellow diamonds

hi hello,

this post is currently titled “and i need yellow diamonds” which i find embarrassing! so i will have to change it at some point. it is a reference to peter (b.o.m.b.) (which stands for Back On My Bullshit), a song by kitty who i love and adore and support. from her album ROSE GOLD.

i am desperate to change the title. soon. its time will come!

i am editing selfies to look retro, with an app. in bulk! i am also moving files on my pc, because multitasking using multiple electronic devices is in my top ten hobbies (maybe.)

i honestly think ROSE GOLD is likely to be my favorite album of the year.

i’m wearing a pink pleated high-waisted miniskirt and a fuchsia turtleneck Barbie sweater. i absolutely look like a cheerleader! it’s cute though.

i’ll include a picture shortly, but not yet. in the words of many, but in this case werner von croy, a fictional character in tomb raider 4: the last revelation, “patience is a virtue” … he says that in the intro level, in cambodia, before the entire rest of the game which save one chapter in paris is set in different parts of egypt. for a long time, it was my favorite video game.

huji (the app i am using that i mentioned above) is taking a very long time, a verrrry long time to process these photos! i am impatient. i should take my own damn advice re: patience.

and for good measure, a favorite from an indie youtuber:

i like their videos.

i have new videos maybe? but whatever. WHAT EVER DOT COM. (is that a site?)

i have a crush on everyone! but especially my partner, who i have been on-again-off-again with but who i hope to continue dating… ♡

(i can’t help it, everyone is so cute)

it’s best illustrated by a comic my friend cory made his cover photo, that i am too lazy to find for you right now. i commented, “cory i don’t appreciate u putting this picture of me on facebook without asking first” and that comment has six likes. six.

move, copy, delete?

i’m actually listening to ROSE GOLD right now at this very minute…on track seven (medicine ft ricky eat acid)

i’m everyone’s favorite brat.
me dyeing teresa’s hair
the most recent one.
i MAY have uploaded this already?
the thumbnail for the olaplex & chill i edited that i need to re-edit.

i wish things felt better. i hope that they will, with time, and higher antidepressant doses.

i made a new instagram, a trashstragram, a side account, whatever.