ghosts of halloweens past

So first of all: this is a test post. It’s a regular post, but also a test post, because I’m sending it from my cellphone. I’m in Boston with my boyfriend for mental health reasons, and I have my phone, but my computer is a desktop not a laptop, soooo… hopefully this comes out okay. 

I wanted to include a bunch of photos from halloweens past, since this year I
1) cannot upload dslr pics taken today (I do have my dslr with me…)
2) am not dressing up as a witch like I was planning due to severe depression and a lack of reason to even wear the costume I had almost entirely prepared already.
So here are some photos from past Halloweens, below. I hope the quality is okay – I saved them from flickr onto my phone and at what resolution I do not know. Also, I was Scully to go with my boyfriend’s Mulder last year, but there are no good pics of it save one Instagram one I’m not including of the both of us.
Okay, so, photos.

Some of those are rarities, obscure never before made public Zélie photos!

Here is a bad pic (it was a gif) from earlier this month of my friend Alex cutting into a pumpkin shaped Halloween cake, too:
I’m very depressed but very safe and not going to hurt myself, I had coffee this morning. I might be okay.

Hopefully my cancerian nostalgia isn’t too much. If it is, well this is my blog so bye.

I really am fond of my readers as a whole though. I never express that. I know a lot of you are mentally ill from the places that have published my posts and linked to me and the content I post, and the emails I get. I really care about you all surviving and being healthy mentally. Ok. Saccharine rant over – it is Scorpio season after all.

Also: don’t repost individual content from this post, edit pics from it, claim any of my writing or photography as your own, etc. you can link to this post or email me at RE: using individual photos or quoting sections of this post with or without also linking to it. I’ll probably say no if you aren’t linking/crediting me. Even if the mobile device method butchers the quality of these photos.
This applies to all my work. I just figured I should say it somewhere more public than Facebook, tbh

Happy Halloween/Samhain/etc!

xoxoxo 👻



oct 2nd 2010 nostalgiablogging


I just wanted to share a bunch of photos I took a while back (on October 2nd, 2010). I could say a lot about them but I don’t want to and also I don’t think the people in the photos (or some of them) would want me to. I’m pretty sure they’re almost all SOOC, but honestly I don’t even know – if I did edit any of them it was back in 2010. Some are better than others photographically, this is more about the memories. RIP Max, who is in some of these photos.

Okay, well, those are the photos. I want to keep this post simple and write as little as possible. I am still working on those other posts I mentioned recently that haven’t been published here yet.


some pictures for you people to look at

I’ve been avoiding posting. How silly is that? I’ve attached anxiety to weird things, and made life worse for myself that way before, but I refuse to let myself develop anxiety around blogging. It has been helpful and an outlet in the past, and I have all too few things like that, so I’m posting. I’m posting because the more I do a thing I get anxious about, the less anxious I tend to get about it over time. It’s painful and sucky, and I hate that life works that way (for me at least), but it totally does. So here I am, blogging.

I have a LOT of photos to share – it’s part of why I’m anxious. It’s kind of overwhelming, and what if my DSL internet (I always joke about how slow it is with my friends) goes down for a bit and uploading all those photos at once fails? I have a ridiculously obvious solution – the fact that it took me this long to seriously consider it probably says something about my reduced brain function due to malnutrition – I’m gonna upload the photos in multiple posts, so I can do them in batches.

I’m gonna post a bunch of the photos here in this post, too! First of all, here is one single photo from October 2011, because I found an old little memory card with a bunch of photos on it. Some of them are dreamy, but I literally have only edited one and really looked at a few of the photos so far, so here’s the one I edited already – maybe I will share more in another post another time.

Yep, I have my fall of 2011 undercut and everything. I also don’t have my early 2012 solar system arm tattoo yet! Exciting things are in picture Zelie’s near future.

I also have a lot of more recent photos to share from much more recently.

Well, there you go! I might’ve captioned some of them another day, but today I think that’s all you get. I’ve napped, like, all day and I’m still tired.


P.S.: I am having problems publishing this post and I am not happy about this. I want to go back to drinking too much coffee and worrying about my hair.

P.P.S.: OK, I think I solved the problem. Hopefully this will post now! Ignore my rambling, basically.