how many photos of otters did my mother take

(She took a lot of otter photos. I’m scanning some of them right now.)

There are three otter photos here, but I count at least five in this envelope, and I know there are more elsewhere. So many otter photos.
(sooc, only cropped)
Still no hefty updates here. I don’t have it in me right now.
Look at this glitter jar I made, though:
glitter jar 🙂 new improved tutorial coming soon!

 I have so many exciting plans, but also I am moving to near/possibly actually Boston soon (September 1st!) which is stressful and will help keep me busy all through all of August. I will be living with my boyfriend of over a year.

I adore scanning photos, taking photos, editing photos, and shooting video, and I have plenty of work in store for me. I managed to update a tinyletter between everything else – most likely that won’t be happening again for a while. I would love a PO box to list as my address for identity protection reasons.

I love documenting.

I have a passion for documentary photography, but also recording the many film photographs digitally that I get my hands on, from various family members (Are you my relative, and reading this? Want me to scan any family photos in extremely high quality with my fancy scanner? Please?)

Abu on Rosie’s lap, shot with my old dslr

I don’t really know what I am doing. I don’t think anyone does, though.


new dslr


Several months ago my dslr (fancy digital camera) stopped working in ways I need it to. It was very sad, very bad timing, and left me without a coping technique I rely heavily on – photography – for months. I have had a lot of other intense things going on, too, for a while now. It has made it very hard to update. I feel like I am trying to pick up pieces of my life from the floor amongst other junk and with my impaired cognitive functioning. It’s so difficult. This is because of not having that creative outlet, and other things, mostly other things.

However, one huge problem has been solved! With the help of several generous financial contributions and my own terrible money saving skills, I have bought a new dslr! It is beautiful and came with 0 shutter count and I’m almost even happy about something for once…!

That’s all for today. Hopefully I can update you all some more soon