i am zélie, born july 18th 1992, making me a weird millennial. i have two esa cats, xena and sabrina. this is my blog.

TRIGGER AND CONTENT WARNING FOR ALL BUT ESPECIALLY: this site has 18+ content, you should be automatically asked if you’re 18 by the site; if you haven’t been then please do go find another of the many enjoyable parts of the internet that are more suitable for minors. i also want to put in a warning about the content of my posts potentially being upsetting or triggering, my main blogging topic being my health especially my mental health. i struggle with multiple mental illnesses and chronic physical illnesses as well as other dark things and i talk about all of this at times extremely openly here. i try to provide individual labeled trigger warnings at the beginning of posts, but i am only human and i could forget to warn something once in a while. please read my writing when you are in a headspace where you feel like you can handle it, or feel free to skip over parts without reading them if they upset you. i talk and have talked or would talk about the following topics: suicide, self harm, sex, consensual sex work, substances, eating disorders, sexual assault and rape, abuse (including child abuse sometimes), physical violence, intrusive thoughts, psychotic symptoms, emetophobia, illnesses and germs, death, insects and bugs, gross or gory metaphors (usually within my poetry), and medications. i’m sorry if i somehow forgot your trigger and i talk about it; i tried to make this list excessively comprehensive just in case.