archiving photography

preserving your photographs, slides & negatives

so; you want to save your aging photo prints and negatives

i thought i’d answer some common questions below:

so how will you preserve my photos and negatives?

i’m currently scanning people’s photo prints, slides and negatives that they send to me by mail, i do so after payment, and in the order that they were sent to me. i am a chronically ill and disabled individual, so the wait times vary. i try to get to everybody’s photos as quickly as i am able to. i prioritize my health and the integrity of the photo quality above all else.

interested? email neoncherrygirl at gmail dot com

what are your prices for scanning?

polaroids/instax photos: $5/photo

standard small photo prints: $5/photo

larger prints: $10/larger photo or document, my scanner bed can scan things up to 8.5 x 11″.

35mm or 120mm negatives: $7/frame in each included negative strip

slides: $8/photographic slide

prices subject to change

i have old, delicate photos that need more than a little bit of dust cleaned off. can you clean and scan them too?

yes, but it may add an extra fee, so please email me about this beforehand if you are worried about it to: dearzelie at gmail dot com
i will do my best and be very careful not to damage any photos but unfortunately i can’t help with things like preexisting scratches present on photos and negatives.

do you scan photos and negatives coming from outside of the usa?

at present, i will scan photos and negatives from any country i am able to ship to and from, but that is limited at present due to the COVID-19 pandemic. please have patience.

will i get my physical photos/slides/negatives/etc back?

i will, of course, send all your photos and negatives back to you, provided you cover the cost of return shipping. you may opt out of this and not be sent back photos if that is what you prefer.

what relevant experience do you have?

i have been taking photos my entire life since my father is a professional photographer who also pursued it as a serious hobby. i got seriously into photography back in 2008, and have taken photographs almost every day since in order to document things and create art. i have been using scanners since sometime before 2008, but i really started working on my ability to get a nice, clean high quality scan to preserve the best possible version of the image (or whatever it is) in 2016. i haven’t looked back and have spent my time since improving, scanning many of my family photos, etc. since. i have been scanning photos and documents for other people part time since 2018.

what equipment are you using to scan?

i use an epson v600 photo & negative scanner to scan at the highest possible dpi.

what do you use to clean photos and your scanner bed?

i use PEC-12 archival photographic emulsion cleaner and sterile PEC pads, as well as a brush, microfiber cloths and a rocket air-duster to blow loose particles off of photos without touching them.

i have something other than a photo that i want scanned, will you scan it for me?

very possibly if it won’t damage my scanning equipment and fits my size constraints! email me at neoncherrygirl at gmail dot com and ask!

do you do bulk discount orders, business discounts, referral discounts, etc?

currently i cannot offer a bulk discount since i carefully clean and scan each photo individually, and while i love to do it, and preserve people’s memories, i do have my limits physically and mentally and it takes time. any random or holiday discount codes/sales will be mentioned on my blog on this site, and the only ongoing discount i offer is to anyone who can provide proof of being low income and/or disabled and on a program such as food stamps, medicaid, or ssi – then i will email with you to find a price that works for both of us that seems fair based on how much you want scanned and the amount you would struggle to meet the normal price.

will you scan images depicting nudity, illegal activity, etc.?

nudity is fine by me. however, any laws being broken, especially child pornography, will be taken very seriously and i will report information as legally required. if you’re smoking pot or taking medication in a picture, i will assume that it is prescribed and/or legal. please don’t put me in the situation where i have to report any person legally for photos they send, though.

who owns the rights to the scans after?

you do! they are your photos, or whoever took them’s. i don’t even keep your files long term – make sure you take good care of those once you safely receive them!

i have a business inquiry you haven’t covered here…?

please email me! neoncherrygirl at gmail dot com