about me

zélie thorn is a 27 year old disabled & chronically ill blogger, artist and formerly an internet-based sw. she has emotional support cats, xena and sabrina. she is bisexual. she has both physical and mental illnesses, and enjoys complaining about them as eloquently and often as possible on the internet. she graduated from high school and then due to health issues only managed to complete some college before medically withdrawing without completing a degree.

her “real” name is zélie thornborough

she wants to help people, and to create beautiful things. she wants to do more good than bad before she leaves this world; though it hurts to stay in it most days.

she has had every hair color including grey and all the natural ones. she jokes that pink is her real natural hair color, but it’s actually a light brown. she will stop to pet every cat on the street. she is trying to function as best she can every day. survival is the priority at this point. she feels weird typing this out in third person