video dump parade day

i forgot how much i’d done… so, in short, i have to continue & do more.

here are some videos i’ve made and kept public since i last updated you on my youtube presence:

the public ones, at least…

hahaha… before that one, all the others were censored to 18+ at least because of the intro! except for midnight rain 2.0, not sure what’s up with that.

oh no, why did i put the intro back in

okay, now you’re caught up. every video where i smoke weed is censored and 18+ so you have to go to youtube to view it, lol. a few of my videos are blocked in russia and possibly also belarus. i linked them anyways.

i am stressed. it’s an overarching kind of ongoing stress, what with my mom’s halth and my own health and other tasks i must complete. i must i must i must. i am stressed because sabrina needs her annual check-up soon, i’ve been sent two postcards about it from my vet.

i finally connected this site to and it still doesn’t (currently) read as secure because it has been too long for me to remember how to do the https thing. ugh.

tomorrow i am going to help my mom. one worthwhile thing i do.

i have a little altar to venus right now, and my venusian energy within astrology and other neopagan mystical absolutely and fully woo-woo practices because it brings me joy, and comfort, and a kind of warmth that few things do. i’d rather pray to venus/aphrodite or diana/artemis, for example, than most gods and goddesses.

i mean, with the videos, this is enough, right? i have things to scan – but have scanned some already, some being the instant photos rather than the negatives… and i would like to make that a separate post from my video dump, in fact i should incorporate “video dump” into the title, it is so fitting.

so i suppose that’s all for now.


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