this blog is in a state of purgatory. interpret that how you will. you may be incorrect. i do not care.

so, the url thing is obvious. sugarette.net forwards somewhere else right now.

i guess. it’s “under construction”.

here are some videos i haven’t posted here yet (there will be so many):

i told you there was a lot! you can partly blame taylor swift, for releasing midnights and midnights the 3am edition. oh, and midnights (lavender edition). yes, i have a lavender edition copy of the cd.

speaking of which, here are some photos that i took, some of which feature the lavender edition of midnights! the rest are silly harley quinn themed business card photos:

the business cards are by moo. they are the thick cardstock with the pink sliver down the side, but they’re mini cards.

here’s the business card it’s based off of, an image from the movie birds of prey:

so, now i have that one with even more spread out pink glitter and the xoxo in blue glitter, then i sealed it with a clear uv gel coating. okay, it was top coat nail polish for use with a uv nail lamp.

and, oh, i missed picking up my dslr. it means so much to hold a camera, a slr, a dslr, whatever. sometimes i am grateful simply for my iphone.

this wasn’t much writing, but it’s an indication of writing to come. i suppose that’s enough? it has to be. you only have control over your own actions and reactions.

i intend to be back sooner next time! less gaps! i might try to do vlogmas for december though, even though i am a hellenistic neopagan… so i suppose we’ll see. 2023 is also coming. oh boy.


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