i wonder what would happen

So since a psychic who I go to for tarot readings occasionally since being told about her youtube channel by a former friend a few months ago did a reading for me with Sara Bareilles’ song in her head at one point, I looked up the song; like most recent popular songs I never heard it. I love it.

here is the official video:

Here is my fav, Taylor Swift herself, singing it with Sara Barreilles:

I think, if I recall correctly (my short-term memory is basically nonexistent by now), that I have posted a video or some since I last updated this blog, you know, videos of my own that I made, posted onto my youtube. However, I feel that first I must write.

As I sit here, slightly too cold, with the sims 1 makin’ magic soundtrack playing in the background as I write this blog post, I cannot help but appreciate my coffee, cold or hot, but especially hot, for comfort reasons. There is little I love in the morning like a bowl of weed flower, ground up, to smoke at my computer while drinking hot coffee, after feeding my cats, and taking my meds, and doing my other morning routine things – it’s been expanding – I make my bed now.

By “make my bed”, I mean I sort of lazily straighten out the pillows and duvet across the bed to make it a comfy sitting space, should I want to sit there. If I don’t, I still have a nice semi-made bed to crawl into when I finally decide to sleep, or when I decide to nap, which happens more often.

I just checked, and no new videos from my own page to post! A travesty! I say that in jest, of course. If anything is a travesty it is the quality of my videos… soon I may cover Brave, the song I mentioned earlier, but the high notes seriously are so difficult for my low cis female singing voice. If I had to say, my range is closest to that of a typical alto. I am not certain about this, but if it isn’t, it probably goes lower, not much higher (though I’m certainly not a bass – I’ve heard a bass sing, I get it.)

I realized at some point that I take pictures again now but I rarely post them. For primarily this reason I wish to share many more of my pictures than I have been…

Here are some photos I took of Sabrina recently using only my point-and-shoot camera:

Also, truly, where better to share my photos with the internet than my blog?

I don’t use flickr any more, so my blog it is! I am not a photographer with a website for my projects, not at this point. Only two of my photos have been published, it was in some coffee table book back in 2010 when I was only 18.

Oh, if I could recover some of the webcam and other images from that time period, I would share them here. It would be special. Eventually that is sure to happen.

The sims original makin’ magic soundtrack remains playing.

Pink Fizz from the sims original, superstar, now. I changed it. I do love the sims original MM OST, and there’s a reason that when I play the sims 3 (which I can’t do with my new motherboard) my sims have French taste in music just as often as Custom Music, that reason being that the “French” music in the Sims 3 is simply a channel of TS1 MM OST songs… it is beautiful.

So, yes, future historians of the internet, if we still exist, or such a thing ever comes to our planet and learns of the world wide web, I am confirming that the game the sims 3 had original sims game expansion pack music featured in it early on in the expansion packs for sims 3.

I do love a good simlish song.

NSFW, since it is based on the days when I would read Mo Pie’s blog and the Simmery & Sluttery updates, but my sims website is there, with a url, and has been for some time now, to be honest. I need to work on the html/css, and possibly learn javascript. Anyways, that would be cute.

The url of my sims site/blog? simmery.space

Shoutout to Liliya for helping me pick the url a while ago.

That site likely won’t exist forever, or even a long time, but we’ll see. I surprise myself with the projects I work on that end up coming to fruition.

I feel less inclined to post photos of myself than most times before (remember in 2014, when my new years’ resolution was once again “take more selfies”?) that I’ve existed in as parts of time and space, but that doesn’t mean that I’m disinclined to currently, beyond a small amount of laziness. However, my hair is pink, and also the mystery appeals to my big scorpio energy placements.

I know that the song I put in this post earlier, Brave, is a message for me, and that I need to do exactly what my leg tattoo (one of them) says and SPEAK. SPEAK my truth. I do not allow others to control me for silly, and worse reasons.

I have made some little blinkies for my blog, three in fact:

They can all be perceived with links to their respective advertised sites and servers from my website, zelie.tv

I want to work on my podcast. I renamed it from cassettes. It’s more ready than ever before… well, except the still-hopefully-present cassette tape elements that are to be included, at least not all of the elements. Do I make sense? No? Good.

I put up some maobabie prints in my apartment, they finally arrived. I have cute pictures:

I love the NO pickles print that now resides on my kitchen wall. I’d love a frame for it, to protect it, but oh well. Perhaps I will do that in the future.

Anyways, I have more to say, but not the energy to say it all, so that’s all for now.


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