the distraction and other problems

hello all,

let’s get the inevitable sharing of my new youtube videos out of the way, shall we?

my 2021 intro

so there you have it, my progressively more restricted videos. well, not technically youtube-restricted, but restricted to 18+ and so not visible… on this… 18+ site…

i think it’s important that you know. i’m here to stay a while.

but my 2021 intro has things that are 18+ in them, so many videos may not be viewable on here. idk. i don’t really care – i make the videos for myself!

i brewed coffee, and alexis is coming, with milk, to help me hang out and clean. she offered, because she loves cleaning and helping people. weird, i know. but to barely-functioning me in messy apartment, that’s like a dream. so i said yes and here we are, she will be here any minute!

i’ve got photos to share, but not yet. their time will come. this is not a post for photos. for once.

i think of auto-saves on here as soft saves, and clicked saves as hard draft saves. is that logical? probably not.

i will be asking for donations this month, because i am hurting financially, i am two months behind on rent with less than $7 usd in my checking and an even smaller amount in my savings. so, not if it will impact your ability to pay bills, but if you have anything to spare, my paypal can be found here. i am working hard to make rent payments, hustling, if you will, but things are hard. things are hard for everyone!

my brain is scattered, and i should email my college advisor back. ah, yes, i am back at school soon, already crying about it internally.

i am trying my best! aaah!


ps. i love you all

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