it’s hard to put together a post, sometimes, in quarantine

…but i have been singing. i sang, and edited this recording:

then i made this, which only is on twitter now, and for now.

then i made this youtube video from the exact same footage, a third video:

so anyways. i have also been using tiktok. and social distancing.

i did a tiktok dance. ugh. boredom. it was to a conan gray song! the zoomers are laughing at me!

i should care less what other people think.

i want to share helpful things, but i think just existing publicly is enough, for now. i have tomb raider cosplay supplies on the way, videos coming, i am in the process of editing one!

i love my friends.

each scar on my body tells a story. some are forgotten by now.

i’m in love with my canon eos 80d. not literally. but oh, she’s beautiful. and my new couch! yes. yes yes yes.


…except my hair is red in animal crossing now, because it’s red in real life, as you can see in the videos above.


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