files dot file extension type abbreviation

i am doing so much with files. downloading them, moving them, copying them, sending duplicates to my recycle bin, clearing my recycle bin, clearing my recycle bin again, importing video and image files from my sd card, etc.

so, there is far too much to lose these days. for some people (like me.) i am instead choosing to focus on the ~$500 backlog of 35mm film and disposable cameras waiting to be developed, kept in a cool-but-not-cold mini fridge in my bedroom.

if you want to donate to my developing costs, email the darkroom dot com gift cards to my “work” email, !

i promise to share the (good) pictures. 29 rolls of 35mm film! i didn’t even factor in my medium format roll that i shot because i’m terrified to take the electrical tape off of the camera that seals out light until i can remove the film safely in a black bag for photography developing and such purposes.

my flickr is going to be closing soon – the account – the end of an era.

it is cold in here. the walls of this apartment complex are poorly insulated. the thermostat is set to 72, but it’s definitely not as warm as that. i’m wasting electricity due to poor insulation/design and my desire to not feel freezing cold.

there will be files, they will be shared soon. even though i have decaying rolls of film i cannot share, i also have digital content. sort, sort, sort. shoot, shoot, shoot with my camera. keep shooting; films and pictures. pictures and motion pictures.

i am downloading my flickr archives as i type. i am most of the way done.

there will be photos later, even if not today, i promise.

even if not here.


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