you can have a little blog post with images, as a treat

i may look back and cringe at that meme blog post title. oh well.

i am passionate about archiving – preserving history at its highest possible quality. that’s likely not why i film 70% of my time and have terabytes of boring agoraphobic footage, but still.

those were images of myself that i sent to an artist i commissioned, as references for my tattoos and body.

if you don’t save everything, does ANYthing matter? yes. save what you can.

i recently spoke about sw on youtube, and uploaded other things. here is the former:

it’s also olaplex & chill #6, finally. finally! at long last!

i wonder if my boyfriend/partner reads this blog. he used to, once, he went back in the archives. i guess we’ll see! i kind of doubt he’ll see this. the mystery of me fades away after a while.

on my 21st birthday, shot by jeannette, of me with terribly damaged hair having my first legal alcoholic drink

i guess the trick is to do a little bit at a time, but to stick with it. i’m bad at that. this was mostly to showcase the video, not even my newest video… i’ll insert that below:

so here we are. 2020. i certainly don’t feel like my vision is any clearer. my fear is on high alert, like a deer that heard a snapping of a large twig.

a badly shot point-and-shoot self portrait i took when i was 16, and edited more recently, also not well

i tried to connect this very blog to my bloglovin account, but no such luck. i think it’s because i made the move to mark this blog as mature first.

both videos included in this post were shot a while ago. i’ll include something recent soon.

love u all


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