“i’m trying
“you’re very trying”



truth be told, i’ve taken days to write this – it’s been sitting open in a tab, even as my toned hair soaked up light purple (or lilac, or lavender) hair dye. girls night by arctic fox.

i swear, i am trying.

new hair color

so, the major updates, or oobs, if you will:

  • my hair is purple as aforementioned and seen above
  • i owe more in debt than ever, especially thanks to my canon g7x mark ii which i purchased with credit but do not regret
  • um, i am doing a no-buy year to change my psychology (more details will be on my youtube soon)
  • my mom threatened very seriously to cut me out of her life financially but then changed her mind. (i would not have enough to pay my BILLS lol)
  • i have a boyfriend who i want to fairly impulsively marry but idk if that’s happening ever lol
  • up 1mg klonopin dosage. destigmatizing the medications.
  • going outside = panic
  • why did the mailman have to give me his number? it made me afraid of my favorite part of the day
  • i vlog more than i can edit
  • i upload less than i edit
  • i don’t need to say everything, not yet
big hair, bigger mood swings

that’ll be all for now


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