so i imported more posts again

it is what it sounds like, folks! i imported all the posts from my poetry blog and i guess i’ll be posting poetry here from now on.

drinking coffee. again.

like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer, life imitates art.

(do you follow my side instagram? @glitchwitchbitch)

i made my nose gold today. with bonus glitter.

those are unseen by the internet…until now. i don’t know why that’s some kind of deal, probably not a big one though.

anyways those golden nose photos are inspired by the blush-on-nose trend! it’s cute, don’t get me wrong. i just wanted to do my own take on it, and i haven’t seen eyeshadow on the nose – contour, sure; highlight, absolutely; blush, sometimes; eyeshadow with shimmer and a glitter topper? i may be the first.

anyways, i’ll try to be back soon.


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