unhelpful blogging and how to keep doing it

I feel like my blog has been a bizarre mixture of not-posting-ever-at-all (for months), and spewing out word jumble onto here, possibly too often. I want to make something clear: this is me getting better, for me, and for you, and in healing through writing. I enjoy documenting my lows (although not experiencing them), even when I am being a “bad unhelpful blogger” about it.

At the end of the day, I know I try to contribute more good than negative stuff into the world. I try to provide resources for those who are struggling with mental health issues that I feel educated enough to speak on. Usually educated enough. Incomplete sentences are definitely going to be a thing for a while while my PTSD is severe.
I do know that focusing on my health improves my general state, including my writing. If you want to take the title of this post seriously, the answer for how to keep blogging “badly” is to not focus on healing yourself and your mental health. However, I am not currently interested in regressing but also not currently doing that well with writing coherently and concisely recently, so here is a photo post for today:

All for now. Notice I didn’t say today – we’ll see.

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