casual warrior princess life


I decided that while, yes, I will stay at my mom’s for a little bit, I don’t need to move back in with her – I just need to get back on my feet. I am strong and I can get through this rough patch and go back to my apartment! I don’t have to give that up. Things are still hard, but getting better. I’m staying with my mom for now.

Also, today I did a photoshoot with the my friend Jen – who, in addition to being my friend since 8th grade, is a very talented photographer! Here is her facebook photography page, so you can go like it, because you’ll probably want to when you see the photos below that she took of me! I was a warrior princess, and the final photo she is editing isn’t even up yet, and that’ll be the most exciting – but she’s edited a few already, and shared them online, so I’m going to share them with you guys too!

That’s all my news for today, but I’ll share the finished product with you after it’s up too. I hope you’re all doing well. When things get even a little easier, life is a lot more bearable, and like I said I’m already doing a little better 🙂


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