good job at still being alive, you earned it


So I bought something I’d been eyeing for a few months this month – this award/medal, which costs $5 (not including shipping, but shipping is cheap too). It arrived the other day, and I think the purchase was totally worth it.

The medal says “good job at still being alive”, which really is an achievement at 21 years old, especially for me, with my assorted mental health issues. I photographed it (casually, for instagram, immediately after getting it, here, too, but that photo isn’t nearly as good), so I’m including my photo in this post:

Well, this isn’t a very exciting post (I’m also struggling to write things I can put on the internet about my life/feelings and mental illness right now because I’m not doing so well), but I thought that some of you might appreciate knowing that you can purchase this medal, for yourself, or someone you know who deserves it – some people wouldn’t appreciate it so much, but I know there are people with mental illnesses out there who really would like it if you presented it to them in the right way, and let them know that you really appreciate how hard things have been for them. The item description also mentions that it’d make a good tongue-in-cheek birthday gift, which is probably true!

Well, that’s all for today.


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