365days and getting my tongue pierced

hey everyone!!

so before anything else, I want to warn you that if blood or visuals of people being pierced makes you queasy or uncomfortable, you should probably skip this post because I talk about that and include some photos that my friend Jenny took of the process later in the post.

Before all that, though, I wanted to talk about something else! Anyone who has been following my activity online for a while knows that I have attempted to do the 365days project on flickr a bunch of times, and that I’ve failed to complete it, for one reason or another, every time over the years.

You can read about the 365days project here (scroll down to the about section!), but the point is basically to take a self portrait every day for a year, without skipping any days. I’ve wanted to complete the project for years now, but in the past couple of years I’ve kind of given up. Well, I’m trying again! Here are the two self portraits I’ve taken so far:

this was my day one photo!

…and this was day two!

Here’s a link to my flickr if you’re interested in following me doing this project, but I will probably also post a few updates about it on here.

So – the tongue piercing. I basically just wanted to share a couple of (unflattering) 35mm film photos that Jenny took of me when I was getting it done, and immediately after.

this is me actually getting my tongue pierced! I went to Lucky’s in Northampton, Massachusetts

..and this is me outside of Lucky’s, showing off my bloody tongue and fresh piercing!

I really like my tongue piercing, now that I’ve got it. I’ve wanted one for years – since I was maybe 14 years old, which is 6 years! Wow, that’s a long time! I’ve never had the courage and funds to do it – not to mention that I had to wait at least until I was 18 (I’m 20 now), because there was no way that my mom was giving me permission for this piercing. I’ve had several piercings before – navel, nose, lip piercings, and several ear piercings, and this was probably the most painful. I did a lot of research online first and I actually read that it could be less painful than some piercings, but nope! That was not my experience.

That’s all for now! Thanks for reading 🙂

Zelie Pie

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