studio ghibli/cheeseburger cupcakes!

Hi guys!!

Yesterday was super fun, so I thought that I’d share what happened. Jordan and I made cheeseburger cupcakes, first of all, and then when they were all finished (after several hours – we needed to make 36 cupcakes total and we only had one six-cupcake tin!), we went to hang out with some of his friends and watch a Gtudio Ghibli movie, one of my favorites, The Cat Returns. It was super fun! I think I squealed a lot during the movie and embarrassed Jordan, but oh well, I think everybody still had fun.

I took a lot of pictures of stuff that happened, although not during the movie of course. Anyways, I thought I’d share some of them on here, especially since I haven’t updated in a while!

icing bowls for the “lettuce” and “cheese” icings on the cheeseburger cupcakes!
leftover “burger” bottoms
in the middle, you can see the cheeseburger cupcakes themselves!

side view!

my boyfriend Jordan washing dishes while I watched him and took pictures (I am the best girlfriend)

Jordan being cute 🙂

we also had fudge!
the cheeseburger cupcakes were a success!!!!

setting up the movie on a classroom projector

just before the movie!

Finally, Jordan was taking pictures of me with my camera this morning while I internetted on his laptop, and he wanted me to include one. Ignore my awful bedhead/my generally looking awful!

It was a super fun night though, and I’m so glad I took pictures so that I could share it with you guys! I would definitely recommend watching The Cat Returns if you haven’t yet. This was my second time seeing it, and it’s still amazing! Possibly my second favorite movie, after Fantasia.

Zelie Pie

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    Hortensio Frogbottom

    Who is that handsome frowning man? Please send me a link to his MySpace so I can give him sex.


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