coping technique: glitter jar

hey guys!

I have life updates for you, but those can wait 🙂 I have a how-to post today!

My friend Kate told me about a coping technique in which you put oil, water and glitter in a jar and shake it and watch it when you feel sad, anxious or like hurting yourself. I decided to try it out! I’m not sure if I did it right, but I’m sure Kate will let me know.

you will need:

  • glass jar with lid that fits on tightly
  • a lot of glitter, in a color that makes you happy (or more than one color, I used three!)
  • canola oil
  • access to tap water
my jar and glitter containers!
It’s pretty simple, but I’ll outline what I did. First, I put glitter in the jar, and then I put the oil in. Finally, I carefully filled it up the rest of the way with tap water until it was pretty much full. Then, I screwed on the lid as tightly as I could.
It might sound silly, but if after shaking it or while playing with the jar you really focus on the jar and the movement inside it, and try to be mindful of what’s going on with the glitter, it can really help to distract and soothe the mind (mine, anyways!)
I have a label maker, so I decided to put a label on the top of the jar 🙂
it says “glitter jar of happiness”!
finally, here are some pictures of my finished glitter jar in action:

I have a secret project that I’m working on, that I’ll post about soon, so watch out for that!
Zelie Pie

One response to “coping technique: glitter jar”

  1. They use there to calm toddlers when they are having tantrums too. It works wonders!


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